Fried squid with garlic and pepper

Thai food tips Garlic And Pepper Squid Squid stir fried with garlic and pepper. It is delicious when eaten with Thai seafood dipping sauce. Ingredients Squid 300 g Garlic 80 g Pepper 1 tsp 2 Corianders Fish sauce 1  tsp Soy sauce 1 tbsp Oyster sauce 1 tbsp Sugar 2 tsp Vegetable oil 250 Water […]

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Stir-fried Tilapia Fish with basil

Thai food tips Stir Fried Tilapia Fish With Holy Basil Stir-fried fried Tilapia fish in light soy sauce, oyster sauce and sugar put holy basil to add aroma Ingredients Tilapia Fish  fillets  450 g Tempura Flour 50 g Vegetable Oil 750 ml Olive Oil 1 tbsp Sugar 1 tsp Oyster Sauce 1 tbsp White Soy […]

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